Wedding Makeup Tips

Wedding Makeup Tips

Bridal Makeup Artist Karen Loraine  Wedding Makeup tips for every bride.

You deserve to look exactly the way you want on your wedding day. You’ve got the wedding dress now its time to think about what bridal hair style you want and your wedding makeup.

If you’re keen to do your own bridal makeup here are a few valuable wedding makeup tips to help your makeup to last and to look fabulous throughout the day.

First decide on the look you want. Flick through the latest bridal magazines, you’ll soon see the wedding makeup looks you might like and start experimenting, the sooner the better. What ever you do don’t leave this until the last minute…

With so many makeup brands and makeup products on the market it can be a little daunting if you don’t often wear a lot of makeup.

Naturally every bride wants her skin to look flawless, so the first item on your shopping list should be a good silicone based primer. This magic potion smooths out fine lines and minor imperfections, will help your foundation to glide on smoothly and to last all day.

Choose a silicone-based foundation. When finding the right colour foundation sample the product on the side of your neck, this will match it to your skin tone far better than using the back of your hand.

A little soft peach blusher always gives the cheeks a warm glow or if you want to go with a more sun-kissed look try a subtle touch of bronzer.I always recommend soft pastel shades for summer brides, the dark plums and are more for a winter bridal look. To open the eyes use eyeliner on the top eyelid, and if you want a smoky eye look apply a powder based eyeliner beneath the eye and gently smudge the eyeliner with a cotton bud.A must have is a waterproof mascara, try using a fine tipped makeup brush to paint the lashes, this avoids the eyelashes clumping together.

Lipstick colour is very much a personal choice; my tip here is to treat yourself to a long lasting lipstick. If your lips feel dry then a good tip is to put a little carmex on your lips, this keeps the lips moist. To add a little extra shine to your lipstick try a little lip-gloss on top of your lipstick.

Last of all don’t forget your nails – on your wedding day a lot of attention will be paid to your new wedding ring and your hands will be very much on show.

Have a wonderful wedding day and hope the wedding makeup tips help.

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