The greatest ‘Hollywood Makeup’ secret is out!

The greatest 'Hollywood' secret is out!

There is a new makeup trend, which until recently has been Hollywood’s best kept secret. The demand for beauty airbrush makeup begun when ‘Friends’ film star Jennifer Anniston decided to have her makeup airbrushed for her own wedding when she married Brad Pitt, and over night airbrush beauty makeup made the leap from the television and film industry into the main street arena.

Now women could have their makeup airbrushed not just for their own wedding but to look spectacular for a first date or important social event.

It’s hardly surprising that the whole process of beauty airbrush makeup feels simply divine and is so relaxing that when I first tried it I almost feel asleep. There’s a lot to be said about waking up with ones skin feeling and looking so good.

What’s so remarkable about a beauty airbrush makeup is the end result; the foundation looks flawless with the minimum coverage and feels light on your skin.

Unlike conventional foundations, which tend to have a far thicker consistency and often exaggerate the smallest of lines and blemishes.

With airbrushing, the most refined, microscopic droplets of foundation are carefully blown across your face through an air delivery system. As the makeup fuses with the air it oxidizes into a high opacity and the result is the minimum of makeup and a perfect completion that lasts between ten to twelve hours.

It’s little wonder that beauty airbrush makeup has become so popular.


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