Pirate themed wedding

Pirate themed wedding

Ahoy Matey! A pirate’s wedding can be loads of fun and can incorporate some unique ideas straight out of your imagination. The possibilities and locations for your wedding are endless; a beach, a yacht, or river can easily add to your ambiance or even the transformation of your own backyard.

The Wedding Dress

If you have decided to become a pirate’s bride dressing the part is the fun part. You might first look at gowns from the pirate’s era as a starting point.

Well heeled brides wore elaborate gowns that often included a corset or lacing and were patterned from silk or damask with puffy sleeves edged with lace on both cuffs and bodice. The colour is entirely up to you, from traditional white to emerald greens and rustic range. Another exciting element of a pirate themed wedding is your groom’s attire. Pirates also dressed in bold colours like crimson red or royal purple breeches and muslin shirts enhanced by puffy sleeves and cuffed with dripping lace. Next go for a black belt embellished with a huge gold buckle and knee high black boots for effect. Follow this flamboyant style with a black, tricorn hat adorned with an electrifying red or purple feather and have the groom wear a gold hoop earring and gold necklaces.

The Wedding Invitations and Décor

Why not incorporate the pirate theme into your wedding invites, this can be done in a wonderful imaginative way by drawing treasure maps for the location and sending them off to guests in corked plastic bottles.

The décor for a pirates wedding is no hold barred from elaborate wedding cakes to extreme decorations. Why not drape your tables in scarlet cloth, place skulls and crossbones as centre pieces. Give your guests wine bottle stoppers or letter openers boxed in miniature treasure chests a wedding gifts. Or a cheap alternative give chocolate coins in decorative boxes as a wonderful and inexpensive keepsake.

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