Patsy New Years Resolution

Patsy New Resolution

Boy, am I glad to see the back of February! Even though I turned 26 again that month, it really is my worst time of the year. Christmas celebrations are not just a thing of the recent past, but vehemently deleted from the memory as we race into abstinence and denying oneself any pleasures, at all quite frankly.

So how are we all doing on the ‘new regime’ front? I made a couple of New Year’s resolutions which I am sad to say were probably a bit ambitious. The first was that I would get better with my computer, I pledged to run more and I promised myself I would make more of an effort with my appearance!

So far, to my horror, I managed to delete Microsoft Office from my PC….yes the whole thing! So strike the first resolution! As for the running, well let’s just say that Paula Radcliffe has no need to worry at the moment so that just leaves my pledge to keep up the old physical appearance. I took my makeup bag into the office so that Paula and Karen could do a bit of “review” on it. It took quite a while to stop them laughing, but when I did they started with dirty, “scraggy” brushes that Paula apparently wouldn’t dust her window sills with (honestly some people are SO fussy!), they accused my mascara of being a year old (a serious bacteria alert according to them!), my lipsticks were stuck in an 80’s time warp and they worked out that my eye shadows hadn’t actually been worn because apparently I have no idea how to put them on! I mean really! Then they got really personal… my bright pink candy cream blusher with added fluff and hair stuck on it and the fact that everything in the makeup back is covered in brown powder (small accident one night in the ladies loos after one too many cocktails, my favourite bronzer went from one solid mass into a mosaic of powder and well bronze! All of which was a true indicator that I needed their help. Apparently the task is such a large one that I have booked myself in for a makeup lesson so these angels can teach me how to use the correct colours, tones and applications that will actually take the years off me rather than piling a few on as I have been! We all remember the Bridge Jones’ bad blusher moment. Well, she has nothing on me! I’ll let you know how I get on…

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