Pamper yourself on your Wedding Day!

Pamper yourself on your Wedding Day!

Naturally you want to look your best on your special day and finding the right hair stylist, makeup artist and manicurist is an important as finding the right dress.

How your hair is styled and the way your makeup looks for most of us is a very personal matter, each of us have our own opinion as to how we’d like others to perceive us. You’re going to be the centre of attention and naturally you’ll want to look your best as you take those life changing steps and walk down the aisle. By now you’ve probably discovered that getting married is proving to be one of the biggest productions you’ll ever organise in your life. You’ve got the date planned, the ceremony booked, the reception confirmed and the invitation list finalised, it’s really time to think about you.

First thing to do is to book your manicurist to do your nails the day before your wedding. There’s nothing worse than soft, sticky nails on the day.


It’s always a good idea so book your first trial makeup and/or hair appointment at least twelve weeks before the big day. This way you give yourself plenty of time to meet a selection of makeup artists and hair stylists. Remember you don’t have to book the first wedding professionals you meet. It’s far better to splash out for a couple of trail makeup sessions rather than being disappointed with your hair or makeup on the day. After all you wouldn’t buy the first wedding dress you see so don’t book the first makeup artist or hair stylist you’re unless you’re a hundred percent happy with the end result!

A few useful tips to remember before making your final booking is to find out if the fee includes travelling time and mileage. Sometimes this is an additional charge based on time and distance travelled. If there is no free parking available for your makeup artist and hair stylist you can expect to be charged a parking fee too.

For your own peace of mind ask your makeup artist and hair stylist what will happen if they are sick on your wedding day? Do they have a reliable back up who can cover for her in such an emergency? And more importantly can you be sure that will know how to do your makeup and hair exactly in the same way that you have planned.

Some brides like to have their hair and makeup stylist with them for the entire day. This is especially useful if you want to have a different hair and makeup to match your going away outfit. Make sure that you agree a daily rate so that you’re not given any nasty surprises. A good way around this problem is to draw up a letter of agreement between your self and your makeup artist and hair stylist. This should clarify the date, the time, fee agreed and confirmation that in the event of sickness your makeup artist and hair stylist will guarantee a replacement at no extra charge.

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