Moroccan theme wedding

Moroccan theme wedding

Adding a Moroccan Twist to your Special day

In the Moroccan culture “For the bride, the wedding is like a coronation. She is dressed and treated just like a queen,” explains Mohammed Marrakchi, director of the Moroccan National Tourist Office in New York, N.Y, and who wouldn’t want to be a queen for the day?

The Henna Party

Before the wedding celebration in the Moroccan culture the bride has a henna party with her female relatives and closest women friends. Henna has been used in Morocco for centuries to create intricate decorative designs that are applied to the palms and feet of the bride and her guests. The geometric and floral designs have a number of meanings, including protecting against evil spirits, bringing good luck and increasing fertility.

The Makeup

The Moroccan style make up has its main focus on the eyes; they are bold, exotic and undeniably sexy. They have the power to transform your whole look.

The Wedding Celebration and D├ęcor
Moroccan themed weddings suspend reality. Veils, pillows and magnificent rich colours create a dreamy ‘Arabian Nights’ atmosphere. You can create an awesome ambiance using decors such as incense and draped fabric some great colour combinations could be burgundy/gold/purple, magenta/purple/gold, orange/red/yellow, and magenta/red/gold.

You can also go one step further if your budget allows you to hire a professional belly dancer, or for the more confident of us why not give it a go yourself. A Moroccan themed wedding will take all your guests away from the ordinary and escape to play in a world of mystique.

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