Medieval theme wedding


Medieval theme wedding

♦ Ever wanted to wear sweeping, gorgeous medieval garments?

♦   Get married in a castle?

♦   Become a princess and prince for a day.

♦   Have a feast that will be remembered for years to come!

♦ Go medieval! The medieval wedding is romantic and classic.




The Wedding DressIn medieval times, blue was considered the color of purity, not white–that tradition started in Victorian times. To be true to the era, wear a blue dress, or, like royal couples, tie a blue ribbon tied around your wrist and the wrist of your betrothed. When dressing in medieval attire you can even dare to wear other bold colors such a burgundy and green. Likewise, the modern veil was not in vogue until the Crusades, and medieval brides would often wear period headwear or weave flowers into their hair.
The GroomNow for dressing your husband to be…Men in the Middle Ages would wear their finest clothing. Men particularly loved fur, belts, and embroidery with gold and silver thread. They wore breeches, tunics, stockings and cloaks. If you want to even add the element of your knight in shining armour why not incorporate it into his outfit?

Serve traditional medieval foods like turkey, venison, lamb, and quail on simple wooden plates. Make sure you have a lot of food – wedding feasts were important in medieval times no matter what your social class, and guests expected to leave stuffed. Another great touch to a Medieval themed wedding you might want to consider having a juggler, live musicians, and possibly a dance instructor/leader to show your guests how to “round dance” properly. To give you a true royalty feel, you might even want to arrive to your reception on horseback (sidesaddle, of course).

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