Makeup For Men – How to wear Guyliner

Makeup For Men - How to wear Guyliner

Men are much more self aware and image conscious these days and at last it seems they are stepping out in confidence and giving us girls some serious competition in the grooming department!

It’s not only the gay market that has seen an increase in male cosmetics but also males in general seem to want to improve their looks and keep up with the ever increasing world of youth and beauty.

Guyliner is becoming very popular, thanks to men like Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow in the “Pirates of the Caribbean” movies and by Pete Wentz, a member of the band “Fall Out Boy.” Guyliner is exactly what it sounds like: eyeliner for men. Use these tips to successfully wear this increasingly popular trend.


  1. Purchase black eyeliner. Unlike women, who can choose a rainbow of eyeliner shades, men should stick to basic black eyeliner.2. Start with a black pencil eyeliner. Pencil eyeliners are softer and more forgiving of mistakes than the liquid eyeliners. Once you master putting on guyliner, you can switch to liquid eyeliner.

3. Hold the eyeliner pencil firmly in your hand like you would a pencil and pull the skin around your eye taut with the other hand. Steadily draw a line in small sections, joining it up rather than attempt a straight line the first time! Keep as close to the lashes as possible making sure you don’t poke your eye out!

4. Outline your eyes, top and bottom, making the line thick. Feel free to go all the way up both corners.

5. Smudge the eyeliner upwards and outwards with your finger or a professional smudger to give it a smudged and less perfect look.

6. It takes practise to get it right so don’t give up. Eye makeup remover wipes are great to have on hand to wipe away those mistakes as are cotton buds.

There are various products on the market already and these are just a few we recommend plus some tips on how to use them. In the meantime girls……. padlock your makeup bags!

Mascara 4v £16.00

Starting with lower lashes carefully run the mascara wand through the lashes with a zigzag motion and at the same time draw the wand down. Repeat on the upper lashes.

Powder Bronzer Jean Paul Gaultier £30.00Bronzer should be applied where the sun naturally hits the face when tilted upwards, the forehead, temples, nose and chin. Put some bronzer onto a thick bronzer brush, tap off any excess and gently sweep over these areas for a natural suntanned look.

Concealer Touche Eclat £23.50 (most department stores)

Gently paint on over under eye shadows and pat with finger to hide dark circles. Do not rub.

  A few other products on the market are:• Man e cure £14.00 from (nail care)

• Men maca root eye serum £10.00 The Body Shop

• Lip Balm £12.50 Jean Paul Gaultier

• Eyelure eyelashes £4.50

• Guyliner eyeliner from £9.00

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