Halloween Vampire Makeup

Halloween Vampire Makeup

So you’ve decided to become a seductive, bloodsucking vampire this Halloween, it is true that this is most important date in every vampires dairy, for this is the night when the nastiest of goblins, ghouls, ghosts and the most unspeakably terrifying creatures of the night gather together for the Halloween ball.

We have a few makeup tips to help you look your most deadly on the night. For those of you who would rather buy your makeup or simply don’t have the time to follow our homebrewed vampire makeup recipes for your big night out, you will need to the following makeup bits and pieces; a pale white foundation or white face paint, pale translucent powder, black brow pencil, eyeliner and mascara, if you want to follow this years vamp fashions purple and/or blue and grey eye shadow are in, to make your makeup complete get the deepest lush blood red lipstick you can find.

Vamp Look

Lighten your face with a foundation several shades lighter than your own true skin tone. Apply the foundation with a sponge or brush, and then blend well, not forgetting to cover your neck and ear area. Add a pale translucent face powder, using a powder brush to create a matt look by lightly dusting on top of your foundation base. Of you want to appear deader than dead, apply grey eye0shadow onto your cheekbones and beneath the eyes. Most vampires these days are eloquent, sophisticated creatures and vamp eyes are all the rage. Create smoky eyes with a blend of eye-shadows along with a heavy application of charcoal or black eye shadow smudged around both your top and bottom lashes, apply your mascara as thickly as possible, at least three coats, if you want to have really profound eyelashes you should buy a luscious pair of false eyelashes for the occasion. We suggest for your eyebrows that you give them a bold, angular arch, vampires like a heavy eye-line. Finish by adding your lipstick and if you want your lips to shine add a coat of lip-gloss.


Homebrewed Makeup for His and Her Vampire Makeup

It’s time to get out your pots and pans and get down to some home cooking in your kitchen. The makeup trends for Vampires this year for Halloween is Dead Black Shimmer and Moonlight Glimmer Eye-shadows, pale skin with a shade of fresh blood lipstick.

First prepare the base for your two frosted crème eye shadows. Pour into your pestle and mortar, two teaspoons of baby talcum powder, one teaspoon of cornstarch and half a teaspoon of magnesium stearate and mix well. Boil a small saucer of water, once water has reached boiling point cover saucer with a small heatproof bowl, pour into the bowl one tablespoon of jojoba oil, one gram of cosmetic beeswax and one gram of carnauba wax. Slowly heat mixture; do not allow the temperature to exceed 70 degrees. Remove from the heat, add the powdered mixture and put to one side.

Dead Black Shimmer

Ground quarter of a teaspoon of black iron oxide with your pestle and mortar. Add a pinch of Ultramarine Blue and pour the ingredients into a heatproof jug. Pour in half of the frosted crème base and heat slowly and stir mixture. Pour into container and allow mixture to set for one to two hours in a cool darkened room.

Moonlight Glimmer

Ground together quarter of a teaspoon of titanium oxide and pearl mica with your pestle and mortar, pour the ingredients into a heatproof jug, add the remaining frosted crème base and heat slowly and stir mixture add a pinch of silver if silver glitter and stir. Pour into container and allow mixture to set for one to two hours in a cool darkened room.

Shade of Death Foundation (crème)

Step One

Pour into your mortar one teaspoon of magnesium stearate, one teaspoon of kaolin. One teaspoon of cornstarch, quarter a teaspoon of potato starch half a teaspoon of white kaolin, half a teaspoon of titanium dioxide and a few grains of yellow iron oxide, brown iron oxide and ultra marine blue, mix well.

Step Two

Bring to the boil 65 ml of purified water in a stainless steel saucepan. Add one teaspoon of glycerine and two drops of germaben 2 and stand mixture to one side.

Step Three

In a separate bowl measure two grams of cosmetic beeswax, five grams shea-butter, fifteen grams jojoba oil, quarter a teaspoon of cetyl alcohol. Pour these ingredients into a heat proof bowl and heat gently, once again do not exceed 70 degrees, Now add the ingredients in step two and mix together well with a balloon whisk, if mixture separates heat again. Until mixture forms an emulsion.

Step Five

Carefully fold in the ingredients blended in step one, make sure that there are no air pockets or lumps.

Step Six

Add five drops of essential oils, lavender or tee tree blends well. Pour mixture into a screw-cap glass jar and store in a cool, dark place. Use within a month.

Fresh Blood Lipstick

First makeup a wax Base, boil a small saucepan of water and cover with heat resistant glass bowl. Pour in five teaspoons of castor oil, 3 grams of cosmetic beeswax, two grams of crushed carnauba wax, quarter a teaspoon of coco butter and quarter a teaspoon of glycerine, stir gently, do not allow mixture to reach a higher temperature than 70 degrees. Put wax base to one side Next pour into your mortar half a teaspoon of D&C red 7, half a teaspoon of D&C red 34 and half of a teaspoon of red 22, blend dry ingredients together, pressing well with pestle to make sure that there are no lumps or air pockets. Reheat the wax and pour the dry ingredients into the wax and mix well. Pour the liquid into your homemade lipstick straws.

To make Lipstick Moulds

Cut a ten-inch square piece of aluminium, fold in half and half again and roll into a quarter inch tube. Close one end of foil tunnel, into the other end of the tube insert a plastic or glass tube, (an empty biro always works) Put the closed end into a bowl filled with flour so its stands upright. Carefully pour in the lipstick mixture. Place bowl into a cold, darkened room and allow the mixture to set for two to three hours.

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