Featured Makeup Artist Asian Brides:: Lucky Kang

Featured Makeup Artist Asian Brides:: Lucky Kang

The traditional Asian/Indian bridal makeup screams vibrancy and vivacity through colors that are quite often not used for more subtle makeup, which may be worn by European brides.

Lucky has nurtured her passion for make up from the tender age of sixteen. She began exploring bases, lip colors and techniques whilst at college and has powerfully perfected and developed her own professional make up style over many years since.

Having been one herself, Lucky has a true understanding and shares the visions and dreams of modern Asian brides for their special day.

The way she looks, how she feels as well as understanding the pressures of high expectations from family, friends and of course the bride and groom themselves.

The traditional Asian/Indian bridal makeup screams vibrancy and vivacity through colors that are quite often not used for more subtle makeup, which may be worn by European brides. This style sets aside Asian bridal make up in a unique category of its own.

Reds, maroons and deep colors are more traditionally worn by Asian brides. Each delicate body part from face to toes is usually adorned with beautifully elegant jewelry, complimenting the exquisitely designed bridal gowns.

Makeup and Hair

The head is covered by a dupatta (a vail) for the religious ceremony, beneath, of which the bride more than often wears her hair in a large ‘up do’ or bun. The hairstyle plays a significant role in both supporting and presenting the veil, usually a magnificent silk or other rich material heavily embroidered with fine stitches and jewels such as pearls, diamante and glass beads.

The makeup for the ceremony is striking as well as bold. One of the main features of the Asian bridal make up will often be the eyes. The dramatic use of eyeliner techniques, applied with great precision amongst luscious lashes often portrays an almost Cleopatra-like vibe. Daring, bright and intense blends of eye shadows are often used to enhance the features of the bride as well as compliment the superb bridal outfit.The lips may be seen to be rich red, maroons or magenta; not a drop of color is spared throughout the entire make up process during an Asian wedding.Although some brides favor a heavily applied foundation in order to achieve ‘that doll-like’ appearance, others may prefer to have a lighter and more natural looking finish to their base.

An enhancing highlighter is applied to the cheeks, nose, and chin and brow lines, which is often used to enlighten and truly bring out the magnificent make up.

An outfit change usually takes place after the religious ceremony ready for the reception. Along with the outfit changes, the make up of the Asian bride will too be altered to compliment the new gown. The hair may well be now worn loosely, in ringlets or curls and possibly extensions applied to emphasize and complete the stunning look.Ultimately, the duties of an Asian bridal make up artist stretch much farther than simple make up application. The precision in which the techniques are applied as well as the true bond with the bride, sharing the visions that she has fostered is overwhelmingly important.

Taking on this key role in the wedding of an Asian Bride is something that even the most experienced artist may find daunting. However sharing the vision and delivering the highest quality end results is a gift given to only a few.

“I can do my best, I can give my all but if she isn’t happy then my job is not complete, “ Lucky Kang.

To book Lucky for your wedding makeup please contact Karen at the makeup box studio 07810 848208

Photographs taken by Dreamweave Photography at the Makeup Box Studio

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