Bridal beauty make-up advice

Bridal beauty make-up advice

Caroline Kearney is a West Sussex-based mobile hairdresser/make up artist with more than 20 years’ experience gives her top tips for perfect wedding looks.

Q. What if I need to re-touch my make-up during the day?

A. The products used and the methods of application should ensure your make-up will stay put all day if you use waterproof products and a fixer when finished. You will probably find your lipstick will need re-applying though. Occasionally when there is more than one part to the ceremony or blessing or where the bride will be having a change of costume, you may need reapplication of make-up and perhaps another hairstyle created.

Q. When is it best to have treatments such as waxing, facials and tanning?

A. If you are a regular user of the above then you will know how your skin reacts to them, i.e. do you get a rash after waxing or a breakout after your facial? It is always a good idea to have a trial of these well ahead of your big day to avoid any last-minute mishaps, and make sure you visit a reputable salon. I would suggest two-three days before for a spray tan, with a conventional UVA sun tanning. You would need several sessions over a period of time and this is best discussed with the assistant beforehand, as you will have to fill in forms. Both waxing and facials around a week before, but if you know you are prone to sensitivity it would be safer to do it ten to14 days. Do remember to have your eyebrows tidied up (even if you aren’t a regular plucker). It can make all the difference to the shape of your eyes and really enhance your features.

Q. When should I have my haircut and/or coloured?

A. If you are a regular user of colour then about a week before is best. Same with the cut if you are having a trim – it gives the hair time to settle and you won’t have any obvious signs of a re-growth. If you are thinking of experimenting and having a change of style or colour, I would recommend doing this well ahead of the wedding, but do make sure that your new cut will accommodate the bridal style you would like.

Q. I have a tattoo I would like covered up. Is this possible?

A. Yes! There is a system specially designed to cover up birthmarks, scars and tattoos. It can be adapted it t o suit your skin tone and will be set in place for the day with a powder.

Q. What do you suggest I do with my hair and skin t o get it looking its best?

You will probably know your skin and hair best, what products work for you and how often you need to be using them? If you don’t, I can advise you at a trial by giving you a short consultation. The best course of action can be discussed for your particular skin or hair type, timescale and goals. If you are a bride who regularly cleanses, tones, moisturizes and exfoliates just continue with this and maybe treat yourself to letting a professional do it for you just before your wedding.

Q. What should I do on the morning before the make-up artist arrives?

A. Try to relax! It is always helpful if having your make-up done professionally that you have done all the preparation and moisturized before they arrive. It gives the products a chance to absorb into the skin. Make sure you are wearing something you can easily remove when the time comes to put your dress on – you don’t want it to disturb your hair or your make up. Something loose and front fastening is best. With your hair, if you are having a blow dry or a wet roller set, it is helpful if you can wash it before. You can always damp it down again if necessary. If you are having an ‘up do’, it is best to work with day old hair, as it isn’t so flyaway and soft. It is easier t o work with and will therefore hold the style better.

Q. There are several people to do in my party how can we all be ‘done’ in time?

A. This can be discussed on booking and in detail at a trial. It will depend on what time the wedding is, when you have to leave and if there is a time constraint on when you can enter the venue where you are getting ready. Usually everyone can be worked on by one professional, but if necessary another artist is provided to ensure everyone is ready in plenty of time.

Q. When is it best to have a trial and how many will I need?

I usually suggest two to four weeks before the wedding for your trial, but again it is a very personal thing and is really what you feel happy with! Similarly, one trial is the norm and usually sufficient but several brides I have worked with have had three or four.

Some people like to have their trials well in advance, just so its something else they can tick off the list, whilst others leave it right until the last minute especially if they are travelling from a distance. It is advisable that if you are going to have it sooner rather than later, you are quite clear about what you want and that you aren’t likely to become indecisive. Sometimes you can change your mind on your flowers, veil, headdress or even your dress, which in turn may alter your original choice of hairstyle. TIP Wear something white when having your trial, this will give you a better idea of how you will look on the actual day.

Q. How do I choose a style for my bridesmaids?

A. Your bridesmaids’’ hair should not outshine yours, but at the same time you want it to complement a number of other factors your hair, your dress and their dresses. If you are having something simple for yourself, why not choose a style a little more extravagant for the bridesmaids. On the same hand, if your style is very elaborate, you wouldn’t want the bridesmaids to be as well just a simple pleat or chignon can look stunning. It can look nicer if they all have something similar, but if this isn’t possible due to length, then something that connects it all such as the same hair combs or flowers gives continuation. Are your bridesmaids happy t o have whatever style you would like them t o or do you have to take their tastes into consideration?

Q. Where do I begin choosing a bridal hairstyle I haven’t got a clue!

A. Although it may seem like it now, it really isn’t a problem this is why it is good to have a trial. There are a few things you can do before your trial start looking out for styles you do like and collect pictures. They don’t have t o be similar in any way, for example you may like the front of one style but nothing else and the back of another but not the sides. Anything is an indication t o what you like and will help.

You also need to think about your face and body shape, your dress style, your personality and what kind of wedding you are having is it formal, are you following a theme?

Q. I know what style I would like, but I don’t think I have enough hair.

A. It isn’t always practical or realistic to grow your hair to the length you would require for a particular style that is where hairpieces, padding and extensions come in! Use of artificial hair is becoming more popular with brides now because they don’t have to commit to growing an existing style out and perhaps they only want long hair for one day.

Q. I have problems with my hair because it is so fine.


A. Depending on what style you are after, this is again where clip in extensions or hairpieces come in really handy. If this were not something you would consider there are products that can be put on your hair t o thicken it. So me times having your hair set on rollers to begin with can make the hair easier to work with, or to use a little back- combing if it’s height that’s required. It can then be finished off with a light spray, some shine and smoothing serum. If you are worried about fixing your tiara or veil and it staying, extra grips and spray can be used in such a way it will not be seen.Q. What can I do to make my short hair look more interesting?A. Short hair can lend itself to many interesting styles suitable for a bride. There are some wonderful hair accessories to be found clips, pins, hair bands, fascinators, a small coronet with a chin length veil can look stunning, finger waves can really make a statement. How about some fresh or silk flowers, some co-ordinating hair jewellery, or an understated hat. Add a slice of colour if you are a daring bride, which complements your wedding colour scheme. Again, extensions could be used to add a flash of colour, which can easily be removed the next day. All these things will depend, as with longer hair, on your face and body shape, your dress and you as a person. I find with short hair that less is usually more and strong, prominent accessories look best rather than using several that may compete with each other.

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