Alice in Wonderland

Alice in Wonderland

This is a film not to be missed on the big screen. Special effect wizard Ken Ralston and Director Tim Burton take you into an extraordinarily bizarre world, which only accentuates the madness of Lewis Carroll’s whimsical, timeless classic.

Alice’s curiosity leads her to a strange rabbit hole and the young girl falls in. When she lands at the bottom Alice finds herself in an incredulous, hallucinogenic, colourful land filled where she meets the Mad Hatter and his entourage of strange and completely odd characters.

Things do not go as planned for the Mad Hatter and his strange comrades. Alice is led to believe by her father that her experiences in Wonderland are nothing more than just vivid dreams. Try as they might the Wonderland folk can’t lure Alice to go back into the rabbit hole. Without Alice’s help, they know the prophecy will not come true.

Eventually the Mad Hatter convinces Alice to believe in herself and in Wonderland. Alice is told that she’s been chosen to embark on a perilous adventure to help them destroy the fearsome Jabborwoky, only then can they reclaim Wonderland from the mean-spirited Red Queen.

Release date March 2010

Whose in it…

Mad Hatter -Johnny Depp
Alice … Mia Wasikowska
Red Queen … Helen Bonham Carter
White Queen… Anne Hathway
Chesire Cat … Steven Fry
Blue Caterpillar… Alan Rickman
Stayne / Knave of Hearts… Crispin Glover
Tweedledee / Tweedledom.. Matt Lucus
White Rabbit… Michael Sheen
Special Effects supervisor Michael Lantieri

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