Men Deserve To Look Good Too

Men Deserve To Look Good Too

In today’s fast growing fashion conscious world makeup is fast becoming the norm for many men today. Everyday makeup is no longer a trend that is only acceptable for women only. Men also have appearance flaws that can be corrected with the application of just a small bit of makeup. How men feel about how they look, building their self esteem is every bit as important as it is for women.

For years it’s been accepted that male movie stars and models wear makeup, so it seems a logical progression that the everyday Joe should also enjoy that privilege. Just because a man wears makeup does not mean he must belong to a certain sexual persuasion. Definitely not! Further more it’s totally misplaced to even think so.

The days when a man’s travel case only contained deodorant, shaving cream and hair gel are long gone. Now it is perfectly normal and acceptable for men to wear appearance-enhancing products to feel good and confident about how they look. It’s true that some guys may be a little slow to warm up to the idea of skin care and makeup, health clubs were the first step to discover that there is nothing better than a relaxing facial, so we are confident it won’t be too long before everyone will be embracing the concept of makeup for men.Women often wear makeup to glamorize whereas for men the main focus is to conceal. It might be a nick from the razor, dark circles under their eyes or a zit that requires being hidden for appearance’s sake. Even older men are getting into the practice of concealment by using products to deal with wrinkles like crow’s feet and smile lines.

The exciting news is that Cazcarra London and Ten Image Professional Cosmetics have worked hard to put together a line of makeup and skin care products specifically for men. Check out the exquisite “Selected for Men” range products, give these amazing products a try and see and feel the difference. Make a mental note of who else notices the difference when you flash that winning smile.

Here are the details of what’s on offer:




Skin Care

Facial Regenerator

Contains ingredients that moisturize and repair the skin in addition to exfoliation.

Skin Perfecting Serum

The combination of silicon and vitamin E provides antioxidant and anti-aging properties in this creamy gel while the jojoba oil works to regenerate and nourish the skin.

Moisturising Cream

An oil-free emulsion cream which works throughout the day to provide optimal hydration.

Eye Care

Eye Contour Serum

Formulated especially for the part around the eyes; works to reflect light and hides expression lines.

Lip Care

Lip Balm

Rich in vitamins and lanolin due to being formulated with beeswax; contains SPF 15 sunscreen and keeps the lips moisturized.

Lip Gloss Star

Long lasting emollient and moisturizer; creates a “wet” effect and contains vitamin E; provides adequate care for the delicate skin of the lips.


Concealers, Foundation and Bronzers

Cream Concealer/Corrector

Conceals dark circles under the eye, acne and other small skin blemishes.

Illuminating Corrector, Lighting Up Concealer

Helps to eliminate the appearance of fine lines and dark bags under the eyes due to its light diffusing particles which helps to illuminate the skin.

Dual Active Foundation ADD foundation Image Here

Suitable for all skin types; especially helpful in dealing with oily skin.

Body Roll On Foundation

Great for use on the neckline, arms, back and legs; will not transfer onto your clothing, and is suitable for the face. This non-oily formula will last throughout the day without requiring touch ups; takes only 3 minutes to be fully absorbed by the skin.

Bronze Effect

Can be used on the face like blush or on the neck and chest. Apply directly to the skin in place of foundation for a natural look or in addition to makeup for a darker tanned appearance.


Eyes and Eyebrows

Kajal Precision Eye Liner

Defines the eyes. Mallow and antioxidants provide a smoothing anti-inflammatory effect; designed to allow precision application with a non-greasy finish.


Eyebrow Pencil

Creamy texture for a smooth line and facilitates blending without staining.


Eyebrow Fixer

Suitable for brows and lashes; waterproof and transparent protective film.



A collection of 7 brushes which may be purchased individually or as a set.

The full product range is available now at

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