Featured Makeup Artist – Fiona Tanner

Featured Makeup Artist - Fiona Tanner

‘I have always drawn and made creations from the age of eight, I embarked upon the serious study of art and history of art. I still continued to dabble in fashion and illustration, teaching myself the fundamentals of learning to research, design that lead to the development of my own unique style.

My career changing moment came following a chance meeting when I used to paint face designs on friends before going out clubbing.


It was on such an occasion that I meet a makeup artist who inquired whether this is what I did, and when I said “No” he replied, “You should be!” The seed had began to grow…

It is makeup that combines my two true loves, people and creativity. After gaining distinctions across the board at college, I worked at Selfridges in the MAC department. Picking up best newcomer and runner up for the most creative MAC UK artist. After leaving MAC two years ago, I steadily built up my client base and acquired experiences in all fields of makeup, but I still feel it is fashion and art where I can really express myself.

I love to experiment with my own style of dress and thriving on learning about all art forms, constantly being amazed and inspired by different cultures.

Following a promising interview with ‘Premier’ late last year, my plans are to assist whilst building my wedding clientele, enabling me to continuing to fund my creative ventures.

I want to learn from the best! I’d freely admit its not been easy and I’ve made a few mistakes along the way, but there all part of life’s learning experiences. This year I feel things will take off with a positive attitude, hard work and a bit of luck. Bring it on!’

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