Featured Makeup Artist – Emma Little

Featured Makeup Artist - Emma Little

My makeup story begins on the day of my 28th birthday party. I had a few girlfriends round beforehand and ended up giving them all makeovers over a few glasses of wine.

The results were pretty good. So good in fact that a friend already in the film and TV business advised me to try and make a career out of it. I’ve never looked back.



I also get to work with fantastically talented people. People like the cast and crew of new British film The Rapture. As Makeup Designer on the movie, I oversaw hair and makeup for the entire cast including Danny Dyer, Billy Murray and Steven Berkoff. I was supported by Tigi Hair Products and Dermalogica throughout the production, which made my job a lot easier.

Prepping faces and working with hair became a much smoother process, and the makeup department was kept well stocked and looking professional.

I’m now working on another British movie, Jack Said, based on the graphic novel by Paul Tantler. Once again I have the pleasure of working with Danny Dyer, as well as David O’Hara and another brilliant cast and crew.

I love the way that each department is so passionate about creating their own little piece of magic, which all come together on the monitor to create a scene. I really think it’s magical.

I’ve only been in the industry a few years, and I think it’ll take a lifetime to learn all there is to know. But every day I’m growing as an artist. Every day I’m getting that little bit better.

The makeup brands I currently can’t get enough of are Nars, MAC and Urban Decay but of course, there’s always a new product or brand to discover. And I can’t wait to discover them. Because I love makeup. That’s what keeps me hungry and, I think, what makes me good at this job.

But don’t take my word for it. Here’s what The Rapture’s wonderful writer and director, William Steel had to say about me:

“Emma Little is an astounding talent within her field and she will be asked to be involved in all my future film projects, if I’m lucky enough.”

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